About Us

What is FBBI?

FBBI easy to use & friendly platform help the user to build and manage his campaign with required any previous knowledge.

FBBI allow the user:

  1. The import Google AdWords campaign and convert it automatically to Facebook campaign

  2. to build a new campaign from scratch in Facebook only by entering his website address or Facebook fan page

  3. optimize and manage his existing Facebook campaign by entering his campaign details

How it works?

FBBI built a semantic layer over Facebook allowing the user to use the familiar keywords world that being used on Google AdWords to Facebook advertising system, making any SMB owner easily build and optimize his Facebook campaign.

FBBI will match relevant Facebook fan pages that the user can target his ads to from the relevant keywords he choose. In addition, FBBI will generate the ad creative, help the user set the targeted audience demographic parameters and all other necessary settings (based on his website, AdWords campaign or Facebook fan page).

About us

FBBI started developing 2 years ago, with team of 4 Ninjas. FBBI already developed a working system for optimization campaign on Facebook made for big companies (please contact us for more details regarding this system)

In the last year FBBI started developing the new model for SMBs, and already got the product working in closed Alpha version.